Making the most of what we’ve got

As part of my new minimalism mindset I’m really making an effort (1 week in!) to reassess how we can make the most of what we’ve already got. Not that I would have necessarily bought more toys in the last week, but I have started to think about how I can re-work some of our existing toys to increase their longevity and interest.

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House update

Forever Home

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the house. We’ve had a fair bit going on but not too many decisions being made about the house.

Plans were submitted for DA in November, the way our local Council goes I’d be surprised if we hear back before March 2017.

Normally you wouldn’t have an engineer draw up plans until you’ve receive DA, something our architect has repeatedly told me, but we can’t wait that long and I have the benefit of having an engineer for a husband. So we’ve started designing the house (fingers crossed Council don’t make any changes, but I guess there is a risk).

Our main reason for starting this early is so we can get a jump on the building process. I’d like to get quotes from builders early in the New Year and have someone locked in to start as soon as we receive DA. It also means we can start planning other things in advance, one of the main things is the flooring. As soon as a friend of ours (who will be doing the final engineered drawings) looked at it he recommended a way we can achieve a polished concrete floor. This was the best phone call I’ve had in a while, I felt like Christmas had come early! I’ve been wanting a polished concrete floor for a while but thought it was off the cards as it would be too expensive/difficult. The only problem is now it’s back on the cards i have to change a lot of other things so it doesn’t look too industrial. I think more timber back into the kitchen and some changes to the staircase as well.

Back to the drawing board!

A few staircases I’m loving.

The best hedge plant ever

I’m no gardener, I’m not even terribly interested in gardening, although I seem to be writing about it a bit lately – homegrown veggies & natural mozzie repellents. So when we needed a hedge to cover the front of our house and block it from the main road, I had one brief…zero maintenance. Continue reading The best hedge plant ever

It’s all in the detail

Our home

We’ve been going back and forth with our architect on our plans lately. I’m sure he probably thinks some of my ideas are totally ridiculous (and may have mentioned that one of my grand ideas would resemble a supermarket entrance….eeek!) but lucky we have a great working relationship. It’s starting to get to the pointy end of the plans where we can specify features and make sure some of the detail is factored in now. Continue reading It’s all in the detail

My 5 fav Instagram bathrooms

The bathroom section of our brief to the architect includes: natural light, minimum 3.5x.4.5m and plenty of storage. I really love the layout of our current bathroom, with the wet room behind the vanity. It gives the allusion of a bigger bathroom and means we don’t have a shower screen to clean! Continue reading My 5 fav Instagram bathrooms

8 year wedding anniversary

It’s our 8 year wedding anniversary soon and I’ve got to admit I’ve been pretty rubbish on the gift front for the last 7 years so I need to up the anti this year. A quick google search told me the gift themes for 8 years are Pottery/Bronze for a traditional gift or Linens/Lace for a modern take. wow! I thought this was going to be hard, then I looked at the themes for 9 years – what the freak do you get when the theme is ‘willow’??! I guess I’ll have to figure that out next year. Continue reading 8 year wedding anniversary

Kitchen Mood Board #1

Bedroom style

I’ve got a few kitchen mood boards on the go at the moment. I’m calling this one Dark Scandi (totally creative!).

While whole scandi look of just white and timber really appeal to me, I can’t help but add a little colour even if it is just grey (with pops of gold).

kitchen mood board

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Ikea Kitchen Hack #1 – Handles

I’m still changing my mind daily about the kitchen (dark, dual tone, scandi/white) but I do think we will go with an Ikea kitchen. Not only because I am still obsessed with how easy the kitchen planner is to use but because with a few simple hacks you’ll never know where the cupboards came from and if there is one things Ikea do well (there are heaps of things but this is the main one!) it’s storage! Continue reading Ikea Kitchen Hack #1 – Handles