Making the most of what we’ve got

As part of my new minimalism mindset I’m really making an effort (1 week in!) to reassess how we can make the most of what we’ve already got. Not that I would have necessarily bought more toys in the last week, but I have started to think about how I can re-work some of our existing toys to increase their longevity and interest.

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Kids don’t need stuff

I’m sure everyone already know this, but I sometimes need a reminder. Kids just don’t need more stuff, more toys, more specific craft, more books. They have beautiful little imaginations and love to pretend. We’ve spent hours playing fairies in the garden using rocks as ‘beds’, leaves as ‘blankets’ & flowers as ‘fairies’. I’m also a big fan of using the basic things kids love (mainly water or anything with a different texture) to increase their solo playing time. Solo play has so many benefits (least of which means you can actually enjoy a hot coffee or get something done!), including bringing out their imagination and encouraging calmness. Here are a few activities we’ve done recently which have kept Audrey (almost 3yrs) entertained for an extended period. This idea also happens to fit in with my ‘less stuff’ mindset. win win!

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Christmas Crafternoon

I was shopping yesterday with my daughter and overheard a couple
talking about how kids don’t really DIY Christmas craftlike craft it’s more for the parents. I’ve got to admit I have been waiting for the day Audrey was old enough to really have a crafternoon and at less than 2yrs old maybe we’re not 100% there yet and it is more for me but I’m sure she loves craft.

Sure she doesn’t really have any real creative chance with the genes my Husband and I have passed on or the ability to even hold a paintbrush the right way, but she’s enthusiastic and she loves making a mess, so that counts, right?

If you love craft as much as I do (I mean your kids love craft as much as Audrey) then here are some super simple craft activities that you can finish off when they have a nap. Continue reading Christmas Crafternoon