Making the most of what we’ve got

As part of my new minimalism mindset I’m really making an effort (1 week in!) to reassess how we can make the most of what we’ve already got. Not that I would have necessarily bought more toys in the last week, but I have started to think about how I can re-work some of our existing toys to increase their longevity and interest.

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5 crafts in under 5mins

I think I mentioned it once or twice but Audrey loves craft and anything that keeps her occupied while I have a coffee is a winner. But, this time of year it’s hard to find 5 minutes to prepare anything so I’m always on the look out for easy prep crafts. Hopefully using things I already have since our craft cupboard is overflowing and I know we’ll soon have lot of extra wrapping paper and boxes to add to it.

These are 5 craft ideas we’ve done recently which kept her occupied long enough to prep dinner, feed Fred or regroup with a coffee. Plus aside from the prep they don’t require much instruction or involvement from me (does that sound like lazy parenting???).

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Road Trip!


I’m not a ‘Mummy blogger’ (except that I am a Mum & I have a blog, but you know what I mean) nor am I a ‘Food blogger’ (except that I love food!) so this isn’t going to be a beautifully styled food post or a hilarious take on traveling with 2 kids. It is just a few of my fav recipes and some things I’ve done to try and save my sanity on our road trip up the coast of NSW.

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Activity stations

I’m really starting to panic about how I’ll handle 2 little ones with bub due at the end of the week. I’m so consumed by thoughts of my daughter (2yrs) just sitting in front of the TV for hours a day while I feed a newborn. I know, people have it WAY harder than me and people have more than 1 child, without helpful husbands or in worse situations…I get it but that doesn’t stop me constantly thinking about how to entertain a 2year old (or how feral my pantry cupboard looks at the moment!).

Anyway, I’ve started creating ‘activity stations’ and craft tubs so I can quickly pull them out when I need to focus on bub. I’ve split them into a few categories, mainly so I could make sure there were some educational activities as well as general fun.

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