Making the most of what we’ve got

As part of my new minimalism mindset I’m really making an effort (1 week in!) to reassess how we can make the most of what we’ve already got. Not that I would have necessarily bought more toys in the last week, but I have started to think about how I can re-work some of our existing toys to increase their longevity and interest.

Rotate toys

I’m a huge believer in rotating toys so this is something we were already doing to a degree. Kids will be entertained easily by anything that is deemed ‘new’ in their eyes. I’ve gone through all of the toys and stored them in groups so we can easily find everything and bring out ‘new’ toys each week or few days.

Multi-use toys

I was planning on buying Audrey a dolls bed for her birthday and while I think this will still be on the list, I won’t be getting the accompanying bed linen. With my new found minimalist mindset this idea just seems ludicrous given we have so many actual baby blankets and other things we can use. Before we buy anything new I’ll be paying more attention to what we’ve already got.

Plan before you buy

This may sound obvious, but I often buy things because I think they’re cute and not for a specific purpose. These things usually end up sitting around while I try and figure out a use for them, sometimes I do, sometimes they end up in the cupboard for 6months. We’ve currently got so many counting/number sets I’m not sure what to do with them all. From now on I’ll be planning before I buy anything new and asking myself exactly what we’ll use it for (especially on trips to Kmart!).

This is only a fraction of our number sets

Organise what you’ve got

I’m already a pretty organised person by nature (mess and untidiness stresses me out) but I really do need to go through our craft cupboard frequently with fresh eyes. Do I really think we will use those 10 ice-cream containers or am I keeping them ‘just in case’. I think this fresh minimalism approach will help me find new ways to use our existing things (10 uses for ice-cream containers) and help plan out some activities for the kids. Similar to buying things because I thought they were cute, I keep things for crafting because I think we will use them but now we have overflowing craft cupboards.

Craft supplies
Group all craft supplies.


Anything that we already have which doesn’t have an obvious use I’ll be searching Pinterest or Goolgling it Why re-invent the wheel?

3 thoughts on “Making the most of what we’ve got

  1. awesome post!!!!!!!! I did a project on the same lines!!! I have a box for evvverything!! puzzle box cars box dolls box you name it!! and it keeps evveryyone sane!! Just did a round up of my girls bedrrom makeover!!


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