5 crafts in under 5mins

I think I mentioned it once or twice but Audrey loves craft and anything that keeps her occupied while I have a coffee is a winner. But, this time of year it’s hard to find 5 minutes to prepare anything so I’m always on the look out for easy prep crafts. Hopefully using things I already have since our craft cupboard is overflowing and I know we’ll soon have lot of extra wrapping paper and boxes to add to it.

These are 5 craft ideas we’ve done recently which kept her occupied long enough to prep dinner, feed Fred or regroup with a coffee. Plus aside from the prep they don’t require much instruction or involvement from me (does that sound like lazy parenting???).


Anything with different textured materials is a winner in our house, especially if they’re furry cotton balls.

We used chalkboard contact for the eyes and detail on the ears and nose. The nose is a yoghurt container.


Paper Plate Garden Frames

This is great because it’s a 2 stage craft so it can keep them entertained a little longer.

Decorate the paper plate any way you like and then hunt in the garden for some flowers to add to contact paper for the middle.


Cardboard People Haircuts

This one obviously involves a little bit more supervision but the initial decorating and gluing is just as fun. Although this guy didn’t seem too happy about his haircut.


TP roll Houses

Super easy and quick to make and can be used with anything! Cars, people, play dough, blocks…all of the above all at once.

5 Minute crafts

Cookie cutter people decorating

Use whatever cookie cutters you have and some scrap paper…voila!

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