Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide, for the kids who have everything.

Our house looks like a toy store, seriously it’s been hard coming up with gift suggestions for Grandparents when we own everything. Even after culling all the unused toys or those that we’ve outgrown we still have so many. I’m sure most people are in the same boat.

Plus with both kids having birthdays in Feb, the inescapable influx of plastic is really starting to stress me out. But, at the same time I do love Christmas and shopping so I’m really in a bit of a rock and a hard place.

I’m not planning on much for the kids and some of these things will probably be saved for their birthday.

Our Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Adairs, 3 in 1 kids easel. Our current chalk board has been ruined in the rain, plus with 2 kids we need something they can ‘share’. Shop Here
  2. Tinyme, learning puzzle bundle. I’ve been eyeing these off for a while, they are so pretty and will come in handy for years. Shop Here
  3. Lifespan, Playfort sandpit. Part of me doesn’t want this as I hate sand sooooo much, but it keeps Audrey entertained for ages! Shop Here
  4. Concrete Blonde Interiors, coin bank. Audrey is obsessed with money at the moment and this is just too cute to pass up. I hope they get more of the pink in stock soon. Shop Here
  5. The Creative Toy Store, metal rimmed chips. Actually I’ve gone a little crazy on this site with lots of handy bits and pieces, like this giant magnet and these scoopers but we will use them a lot and they’re good stocking stuffers….actually we don’t have any stockings…hmmmm now I have to go find some stockings!
  6. OlliElla, laggy basket. Shop Here. When i first saw a pic of this I thought it was for adults and had to have one, so I’m a little jealous now I’ve realised its kid sized…

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