The accidental veggie garden

Garlic & Celery

I’m not remotely a gardener, I think I’ve mentioned this once or twice. So when something in my house actually stays green I’m pretty excited, let alone something growing all on it’s own!

Growing garlic

Growing garlic
Garlic grows itself in your fruit bowl

Simply use some garlic from your fruit bowl that has already started to sprout and plant it with the shoot sticking out in some soil.


Growing celery
Growing celery is super easy

Rob hates celery (almost as much as bananas) so he can’t understand why we would want to grow it, but because it grows so quickly it’s been great for Audrey to watch it, plus it’s a good teether for Fred so sorry Rob but you’re out voted.

Just put the head of the celery into some water and wait. Once it’s a grown a little you’ll need to move it to a pot with soil.

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