Bathroom Layout

When I first designed the layout for our current bathroom I was still pregnant with Audrey and not really thinking about how the bathroom layout would work with a baby let alone a toddler and a baby 2years later.
Our bathroom design was based on how we could best fit in the freestanding bath is already purchased online. We also needed to maximise the space given its the only bathroom in the house.
Our bathroom is split into 2 zones with a wall separating the wet area and the vanity and toilet. This bathroom layout works perfectly for kids! I’m not sure how parents without a space like this would ever be able to comfortably shower before the kids are in bed. The wet area means we can be having a shower while Audrey is in the bath and the space is open enough for Rob and Fred to come in as well. I was initially so worried it wouldn’t be large enough but having a whole wet area means the space feels larger than it is.

While we do have a second toilet in the house (thankfully!!), separating the vanity/toilet from the wet area means someone can be in each zone (nice way of saying someone can be on the loo while the other is in the shower) without seeing anything that would kill the romance 😉. These two spaces also mean the area is relatively tidy when visitors come. Given its the only bathroom in the house visitors don’t walk straight into or even need to see the shear volume of bath toys we’ve got going on.

I’ll definitely be having the same bathroom layout in our downstairs bathroom in our ‘forever home’. The only difference will be it’ll be slightly larger so I can fit a linen closest in as well, a pet hate at the moment. I really wish I’d factored in more storage to our current bathroom. It’s so annoying in the middle of winter when you realise during your shower you need a towel from the other room!

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