It’s all in the detail

Our home

We’ve been going back and forth with our architect on our plans lately. I’m sure he probably thinks some of my ideas are totally ridiculous (and may have mentioned that one of my grand ideas would resemble a supermarket entrance….eeek!) but lucky we have a great working relationship. It’s starting to get to the pointy end of the plans where we can specify features and make sure some of the detail is factored in now.

There are a few things I’ve seen lately which I’ve emailed our architect about straight away and luckily he thinks something similar will work well in our house!

Oversized entry doors.

They make the entrance a beautiful statement and can draw you into the building. Plus, Rob loves the fact that it will be easier getting furniture in and out. Practical & Beautiful!

Grand entrance
If only we had the space for a huge opening like this.
Oversized Door_HomestoLove
I love the height of this doorway

Window splash backs & serverys

I had originally wanted a servery window straight from our kitchen to the outside entertaining area. I could just imagine using it as a cocktail bar when friends come over or breakfast bar in the mornings, but unfortunately our layout doesn’t really suit a servery window. It does, however, work perfectly with a window splash back and considering how much trouble i was having finding splash back tiles I liked this is a great outcome!

Servery Window Inspiration
Love this server window from Three Birds Reno. I wish it would work in our space.
Kitchen Inspo
This is my dream kitchen! The colour palette, the window, the stools!

It’s still so long away before we get to live in our ‘forever home’ but I can’t help but get excited already!

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