Feedback on Concept 1

We had a catch up with our architect this week to go over the first concept for our renovation. It was great to go over the plans with him in more detail and understand why he had included some features.

Before we met with him, Rob and I went through the plans in detail and looked at what was missing (eg. 2nd toilet downstairs), what we liked (the amazing curved wall!) and what we didn’t like or weren’t sure about (laundry in the garage, unused sunroom). It was good to be on the same page, although Rob generally leaves most of the layout to me and only considers the garage.

There were a few things we were quiet adamant about which I didn’t feel were included in the first concept for our renovation. One of the overwhelming reasons we fell in love with this house was the yard and we didn’t think the proposed plans made use of this space at all. We always have people over for a BBQ and while the courtyard off the kitchen is beautiful and will be fabulous in Winter it’s not where the kids will be playing so we really need a deck or entertaining area on the main side of the house as well.

Rob also changed his mind about the need for a 4 car garage. I’m a bit nervous about this, he has been so adament that he needed at least 4 car spaces but has changed his mind so quickly 😬.

The other big change we discussed was to the ground floor bedroom layout. I was pretty determined to keep the sunroom as a toy room for the kids and our architect also felt this was the right usage for the space, but once we saw the other living areas and how difficult it would be to access the ‘toy room’ (ie. through a bedroom) I just knew I wouldn’t ever use the space. We’ve decided to use this space as bedrooms and open up one of the proposed bedrooms into another lounge room.

Ground floor Plan_concept 1
Ground Floor – concept 1 plans

Level 1 floor plan_concept 1
Level 1 – concept 1 plans
There are a handful of other minor changes we’d like to see but overall we’re pretty please with the direction the plans are taking.

I’d love some feedback if you’ve got any great ideas or wish you had included something your renovation!


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