First Concept for our Forever Home

The first concept for our renovation came through over the weekend. We were so excited to see the designs and be able to ‘walk through’ the building with the Graphisoft viewer. Our initial reaction to the first concepts was ‘wow’, we can’t wait to get started on this renovation.

There is so much to love about the first concept. Our architect has designed the main entrance and living room around a beautiful existing Frangipani tree in the yard, providing a strong focal point.

Proposed entrance for our new home

He has also made use of a narrow otherwise unused space between the existing house and the neighbours fence. we hadn’t given this area and thought at all as the majority of the yard is on the other side of the house, but this side faces North and is such a great spot to sit in Winter. He’s been able to carve out some internal space with the curved feature wall proving enough room to have a patio/deck off the kitchen.

Lounge & Kitchen with curved wall
North facing deck
North facing deck looking back into the Kitchen & Dining area

We’re having a meeting with the architect this week to go over the plans as there are a few things we’d like to see incorporated and adjusted to suit the way we live. Overall we’re pretty pleased with how the concept is coming together and happy with some of the beautiful features he’s included.


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