Road Trip!


I’m not a ‘Mummy blogger’ (except that I am a Mum & I have a blog, but you know what I mean) nor am I a ‘Food blogger’ (except that I love food!) so this isn’t going to be a beautifully styled food post or a hilarious take on traveling with 2 kids. It is just a few of my fav recipes and some things I’ve done to try and save my sanity on our road trip up the coast of NSW.

Thankfully Audrey has day care on Fridays, so I could cook up a storm for our trip. 6.5 hours driving (non stop) so when we do stop to stretch our legs it’ll be to run around the park, not sit in a cafe eating.

Zucchini Slice

Seriously the easiest slice ever, it doesn’t even really have to contain zucchini – I’ve made it with whatever veggies I have in the fridge at the time.


4 Ingredient cake

These could be cupcakes (awesome for freezing!) or a whole cake.

Ingredients – 1 cup of each: milk, self-raising flour, shredded coconut, whatever fruit is in the bowl

Add whatever fruit you have. I used up some berries and frozen banana today, but have made it with dates/dry fruit, pears, apples anything I have left.

I think the original recipe has 1 cup of sugar in it as well, but that seems pretty excessive plus if you add fruit it’s sweet enough without.


Craft Box

I picked up this handy plastic container at Woolies today – it has a divider tray in the top which fits all our craft things perfectly. Rob thinks I love craft more than Audrey, which sometimes might be true but I love it mainly because it keeps her occupied long enough for me to have a hot cup of coffee and go to the loo in peace.

Our craft box usually includes; pom poms, paddle pop sticks, stickers, off cuts of wrapping paper, balloons, contact etc etc. nothing too fancy, but lately I’ve found some really cool things at Kmart; adhesive chalk board paper and stickle puffs (the coloured things on the left, these are an awesome no mess craft!).

Toddler craft box
Toddler craft box

This fingerprint activities book is fantastic. It took me a while to find somewhere that shipped it to Australia (probably wouldn’t have been that hard for a non sleep deprived person to figure out). Book Depository

Toddler craft box
Toddler craft box

All this coupled with a few thousand episodes of Peppa Pig should be enough to keep Audrey occupied for 10minutes.


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