8 year wedding anniversary

It’s our 8 year wedding anniversary soon and I’ve got to admit I’ve been pretty rubbish on the gift front for the last 7 years so I need to up the anti this year. A quick google search told me the gift themes for 8 years are Pottery/Bronze for a traditional gift or Linens/Lace for a modern take. wow! I thought this was going to be hard, then I looked at the themes for 9 years – what the freak do you get when the theme is ‘willow’??! I guess I’ll have to figure that out next year.

Anyway, rather than go with some standard boring gift I’ve started putting together gift ideas for each of the 8 year anniversary gift themes.


Linen mood board

Heatherly Designs Fenwick chair | Etsy linen cufflinks | Sage & Clare tassel blanket | Beacon Lighting linen pendant light | Bonnie & Neil linen beanbag | King Living bongo table in linen

I’m sure Rob would be happy with a new kitesurfing whatever or a nail gun.


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