Staging a home for sale

A friend of mine recently told me she had purchased a whole Fantastic furniture home starter package. I was instantly mortified, what on earth she could be thinking?! Then she explained it was for a unit they’re trying to sell. The property is quiet small and she thought this was a perfect way to show how to use the space.

We’ve been in the exact same position with selling a smaller property. Our agent at the time recommended a home staging company to come in with rental furniture and style the property as we weren’t living there and it was empty. I looked into a few staging companies and while we may have been able to write off some of the costs it was still close to $5,000 for 6 weeks hire.

So my friends idea of a package deal doesn’t sound so crazy now. It is significantly cheaper and you can sell the furniture once you’re finished with it.

There are a few benefits to staging a home, particularly an empty one:

  1. It will help people visualise how to use the space, particularly smaller or awkward spaces
  2. An empty space emphasizes imperfections in a property, so filing it with furniture will help take the focus off these
  3. Furniture adds warmth to a home and helps connect buyers with your property
  4. Decluttering and styling main rooms may help increase the value of your property

I’m still not sold on either idea of a home full of cheap furniture or paying someone else to style a house with rented furniture. If I was in the position of needing to style our home for sale again, I’d set a budget (between cheap furniture package and expense home styling) and buy my own home package.

Here’s a mood board for my imaginary home’s living room – all under $1,000. Plus, at the end what I didn’t sell I could incorporate into my new home!

Living Room staging

Ikea chaise | Kmart rug, clock, lady canvas print | H&M mirror | Adairs side tables | Olive et Oriel peony print | Mocka entertainment unitu | Papaya planters

3 thoughts on “Staging a home for sale

  1. We know that staging your home is the key to maximizing its presentation and marketability. Many of our clients opt to stage themselves however if that is your goal, I would recommend investing in a consult with a professional. They can help you streamline your plan, make sure you are investing in the right furnishings and ensuring from a marketing perspective that the home will appeal to the most buyers possible.


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