Kitchen splashback choices

It may sounds like it’s obvious, but the kitchen splashback makes a huge difference to the look/feel of the whole kitchen. Choosing the splashback is one of the hardest decisions for the kitchen though. There are so many gorgeous options out there and it really defines the whole space.

I love our current splashback – mirrored subway tiles. It gives the kitchen such an understated elegance and provides glimpses of the rest of the house from all angles. I am seriously considering using these tiles as the splashback in our new house.

There is a voice in my head (oddly sounds like Darren Palmer?? Maybe I watch too much of The Block) saying ‘we’ve seen these tiles before, they are so last year, I’m after something new and fresh’. With this in mind, I’m entertaining a few other options although even as I type this I’m considering a few others.

Mini Black Marble  Subways or White Marble Penny Rounds.

splashback option 1.jpg

White Marble Herringbone or Mini Black Hex.

splashback option 2.jpg

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