Planning our kitchen

I know, it’s way to early, but I can’t help it plus I’ve become obsessed with the Ikea Kitchen Planner. You can literally change all the cupboard colours with one click depending on your mood! I’ve been 100% sucked into how easy it is to use that now I really want an Ikea kitchen – I am so susceptible to marketing/shiny toys. Lucky I’ve found a few little hacks as well.

The Ikea Kitchen Planner is ridiculously easy to use (I picked it up on my first go!), it’s just drag & drop. There are heaps of accessories (like stools, shelves or appliances) you can add in to make it feel a little more like an actual kitchen not just a floor plan. The different views are really handy as well, especially for Rob who has trouble picturing anything in his head and needs to be shown exactly what it will look like.

The only problem is now I can change the cupboard so easily, I can’t decide which I prefer?

tingsryd_birch_Ikea Kitchen
TINGSRYD birch effect
hittarp_white_ikea kitchen
HITTARP off-white
bodbyn_grey_ikea cupboard

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