It’s getting steamy

Steam showers, steam ovens, steam trains it’s all I’m seeing lately. Ok, so the last one has nothing to do with our renovation but Audrey is obsessed with steam trains!!
One of the clear bathroom trends I’ve been noticing is the increased technology (think mirrors with Bluetooth tech, sensor taps in your home not just shopping centres). This increased tech coupled with a desire for turning the bathroom into a sanctuary has seen a rise in steam showers being installed and I have to say, I’m 100% on board!

I love the idea of being able to have, essentially, a mini-sauna in our ensuite. Imagine coming home after a stressful day or  just any day really and having a day spa in your house.
While I was trying to avoid having a shower screen (this is the best thing about our current bathroom – no more cleaning glass shower screens!) I think I’d make an exception for this.
I’m hoping I can get it across the line with Rob by selling the ‘health’ benefits – releasing stress, relieving sinus congestion, opening pores and releasing toxic metals and inducing a deeper sleep. I may have made some of these up based on what a trip to the day spa apparently helps with, but I’m willing to bend the truth if it means I get my way 😉
Fingers crossed he doesn’t read this post.
If anyone has a steam room, I’d love to hear your thoughts? Do you love it? Is it easy to clean?
I’ve been looking at these ones:

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