Activity stations

I’m really starting to panic about how I’ll handle 2 little ones with bub due at the end of the week. I’m so consumed by thoughts of my daughter (2yrs) just sitting in front of the TV for hours a day while I feed a newborn. I know, people have it WAY harder than me and people have more than 1 child, without helpful husbands or in worse situations…I get it but that doesn’t stop me constantly thinking about how to entertain a 2year old (or how feral my pantry cupboard looks at the moment!).

Anyway, I’ve started creating ‘activity stations’ and craft tubs so I can quickly pull them out when I need to focus on bub. I’ve split them into a few categories, mainly so I could make sure there were some educational activities as well as general fun.


This includes all the usual things, just easily sorted so I can grab a tub and put it out quickly (with the short attention spans!): play dough, painting, beading, drawing etc.

Painting tub

With the educational activities, I’m starting to pull together some ideas and resources, so it’s still a work in progress and I’m not sure how she’ll respond to some of these ideas.


  • Name recognition: we already have a name puzzle from Tiny Me which I forgot about and will bring out again! PS. this makes an awesome BDay gift if you ever get stuck for ideas.
  • Matching animals to letters: Audrey loves animals so I think this will work really well, plus we have this great magnet board from Adairs which I can re-use.
  • A4 letters: matching, tracing, colouring. I’ve just downloaded these ones here from The Measured Mom


  • Flash Cards: I’ve made my own set from 1-5. If it goes well I’ll make more. Counting Flash Cards


  • Shapes book: draw shapes in a book and match up with colour card shapes
  • Shape monster bags: I LOVE this idea (hope Audrey does too), I’m off to Woolies soon to get all the resources.
  • Floor shapes: draw large shapes on the floor and sort items from around the house.


  • Colour hop: draw coloured chalk circles on the driveway and ask your child to hop to a certain colour
  • Matching coloured buttons (or whatever other items you have) to the correct coloured play dough
  • Sorting coloured beads into coloured cups


I’ve been looking at a few different websites (and Pinterest obviously) but haven’t been looking for too long so I’ll see how these activities go and then come up with some more. I really like the way Let’s Tot School structure the week by focusing on a certain theme, we’ll see how organised I am for this though!!

Let’s Tot School

Two Little Ducklings

The Measured Mom

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