3 tips to planning a baby’s room

Nursery styling

I love planning baby’s rooms! It’s the best part of being pregnant (other than the unlimited burger intake, obviously). Granted I’ve only planned 1 other before this baby, but I have helped friends plan theirs and I’m constantly redecorating.

I’m like to think I’m pretty good at looking at something and visualising how it will  in fit in or work with other things but I also change my mind a lot. I do it even more when I’m off on maternity leave, I spend more time at home staring at the walls and trawling Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, finding something new everyday. It’s exhausting and expensive!

There are a few things (probably the same as everyone else) I do to make it a bit easier and help planning;

  1. Work with what you’ve got: I’m always moving things around anyway, but have a look and see if there is anything from another room you can re purpose or move. Cushions, artwork, side tables are always being shifted around.
  2. Set a budget: If like me you’re going to change your mind in a few months (especially after staring at the walls for so long during all night feeds) then set a rough budget for decorating items so you won’t feel too guilty if you buy new ones in 3 months time.
  3. Design up a mood board: There are so many ways to do this. I like to use a very basic concept of screen shots deep etched in a word doc (see below), but having said that for our house design I’m going old school with cut outs from magazines – It will depend how you find your inspiration.

I’ll be stalking my postie this week – can’t wait for all my goodies to arrive to I can start putting the room together!

My Mood Board- it’s very neutral at the moment, but baby things will naturally add a bit more colour (read awful multi coloured toys from family).

babes room mood board1

Furniture, Ikea | Rug, Adairs | Prints: Yorklee Prints, Olive Et Oriel, Silke Bonde

2 thoughts on “3 tips to planning a baby’s room

  1. Love your blog! I can relate a lot to the changing your mind in three months time! I’m so indecisive as well. I love your moodboard for your new bubs room – I have the rug from Adairs for our living room.
    I make all of my mood boards via Polyvore or you can download an app called Moodboard which is pretty handy too.


    1. Thanks Ashlee! I was going ask you what you use for your mood boards, I’ve just started getting into the mood board app.
      The adairs rug is great except now I can’t decide which room to keep it in! 😂


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