Construction begins…

The trucks have started rolling in for demolition and construction of our new project…..Audrey’s doll house reno. I wish that last part was our new ‘forever’ home but I haven’t even chosen an architect for that yet!!

I had this doll house when I was little and it’s in pretty good condition,IMG_5842 considering it’s been moved around quiet a lot. There are a few minor defects we’ll need to fix up, especially to the balcony. We don’t want the dolls to have any accidents after a few late night celebrations! I think there will be some room additions downstairs as well. There was always a break in the narrative when I was playing, where Barbie would ‘magically’ make it up into the living room as there are no stairs, plus is she living in New York? What’s with the loft style apartment? She needs bedroom space for guests!

Paint selection

We all know choosing paint colours is one of the most important and hardest decisions in any renovation. White isn’t just white and exterior paints need to stand the harsh Australian conditions. The colours also need to stand the test of time and work with any style. At the moment were going with a Scandinavian theme, but who knows what will be in vogue next year? With all this in mind, I’ve chosen a fairly basic colour palette for both the exterior and interior.

Exteriors, Colourbond – Roof: Woodland Grey, Walls: Dune, Trim: Artic Crossing

Interiors, Dulux – Walls: Antique White USA, Trim: Stowe White

I’ve only got 5 weeks to finish this off before Audrey’s birthday, so it’s going to be a fast build!

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