Storage, storage, storage!

Audrey's room_Part 1It might be a little bit early to be planning our daughters ‘big girl’ room, given she’s not yet 2, but we need the furniture for the new babe.

We also have a ridiculous amount of toys that all need a home or they will be thrown out. I’m sure I’m not in the minority when I say I hate mess. Over the years I’ve found the easy way to combat this is to give everything a home as soon as you bring it home. This way whenever you get it out to use it it goes straight back away, otherwise it lives on your kitchen bench forever.

The brief for the room update was easy then…storage, storage, storage!

Finding storage that would grow as she did was a little harder. I didn’t want anything too ‘baby-ish’ or too ‘girly’, plus it will have to work in our new (as yet unbuilt/designed/thought about) home.

I found a few beautiful storage units which worked well in our current space, but had flexibility to work in other areas of the home (as I’m frequently redecorating) and the new home.

1. Ikea, white/birch storage bench | 2. Bobby Rabbit, mini library | 3. Adairs, Madden book shelf

You can your own personality to the shelves and update the style as frequently as you like which means you’re more likely to use them for longer (therefore *saving* money!).

I love these cute storage baskets for a touch of personality.

1. Olli Ella, belly baskets | 2. Pretty Tidy Roshnee, paper storage sack | 3. Sir Trouble, material bags

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