We found it!

If you asked my husband I think he’d say floor planwe’d been looking for ages to find our ‘forever’ home, but realistically he’s just impatient. We hadn’t been actively looking for that long before our new home came along.

I’m not really into ‘fate’ but I have to say it’s a strange coincidence this home came up. I’d driven past this street only a few weeks before and thought how beautiful the park and street were, it’s not far from where we are now, but never knew this street existed. Two weeks later, our house which backs onto the quiet park, came on the market!

The property itself isn’t anything special, a single story 3 bedroom rabbit warren of a house, partially updated in the early 2000s but still retaining some of the distinct beauty. The story of the house and the park opposite is lovely though.

Tucked away in Mayfield East, Newcastle it was built around 1915 by the BHP workshop for their English managers (like a lot of beautiful old properties in Mayfield). Bell Street park, which the property backs onto, was originally built as a fully fenced village green for the British children. The layout of the figs and camphor laurels in the park, apparently resemble the 11 fielders in a cricket team awaiting the 12th man to come out and hit a six!*

It doesn’t look like much now, but we’ll turn it into something special, a beautiful home for our family (even if it’s not ‘forever’). Plus it has a tree house – what more could you want?!


swainson street

*In the essence of full disclosure, my husband had to help write this paragraph as he is the cricket fanatic in the house, I merely nod along.

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