Christmas Crafternoon

I was shopping yesterday with my daughter and overheard a couple
talking about how kids don’t really DIY Christmas craftlike craft it’s more for the parents. I’ve got to admit I have been waiting for the day Audrey was old enough to really have a crafternoon and at less than 2yrs old maybe we’re not 100% there yet and it is more for me but I’m sure she loves craft.

Sure she doesn’t really have any real creative chance with the genes my Husband and I have passed on or the ability to even hold a paintbrush the right way, but she’s enthusiastic and she loves making a mess, so that counts, right?

If you love craft as much as I do (I mean your kids love craft as much as Audrey) then here are some super simple craft activities that you can finish off when they have a nap.

DIY shell baubles

These are the easiest Christmas or gift decoration to make. It feels weird even writing instructions, so I might just leave you to fill them with whatever treasures you find.

Baubles: Riot Art & Craft


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