The best hedge plant ever

The best hedge ever

I’m no gardener, I’m not even terribly interested in gardening, although I seem to be writing about it a bit lately – homegrown veggies & natural mozzie repellents. So when we needed a hedge to cover the front of our house and block it from the main road, I had one brief…zero maintenance. Continue reading The best hedge plant ever

Bathroom Layout


When I first designed the layout for our current bathroom I was still pregnant with Audrey and not really thinking about how the bathroom layout would work with a baby let alone a toddler and a baby 2years later.
Our bathroom design was based on how we could best fit in the freestanding bath is already purchased online. We also needed to maximise the space given its the only bathroom in the house. Continue reading Bathroom Layout

It’s all in the detail

Our home

We’ve been going back and forth with our architect on our plans lately. I’m sure he probably thinks some of my ideas are totally ridiculous (and may have mentioned that one of my grand ideas would resemble a supermarket entrance….eeek!) but lucky we have a great working relationship. It’s starting to get to the pointy end of the plans where we can specify features and make sure some of the detail is factored in now. Continue reading It’s all in the detail

First Concept for our Forever Home

Concept 1_entry

The first concept for our renovation came through over the weekend. We were so excited to see the designs and be able to ‘walk through’ the building with the Graphisoft viewer. Our initial reaction to the first concepts was ‘wow’, we can’t wait to get started on this renovation.

Continue reading First Concept for our Forever Home

Road Trip!


I’m not a ‘Mummy blogger’ (except that I am a Mum & I have a blog, but you know what I mean) nor am I a ‘Food blogger’ (except that I love food!) so this isn’t going to be a beautifully styled food post or a hilarious take on traveling with 2 kids. It is just a few of my fav recipes and some things I’ve done to try and save my sanity on our road trip up the coast of NSW.

Continue reading Road Trip!

My 5 fav Instagram bathrooms

Zuster Furniture

The bathroom section of our brief to the architect includes: natural light, minimum 3.5x.4.5m and plenty of storage. I really love the layout of our current bathroom, with the wet room behind the vanity. It gives the allusion of a bigger bathroom and means we don’t have a shower screen to clean! Continue reading My 5 fav Instagram bathrooms

8 year wedding anniversary


It’s our 8 year wedding anniversary soon and I’ve got to admit I’ve been pretty rubbish on the gift front for the last 7 years so I need to up the anti this year. A quick google search told me the gift themes for 8 years are Pottery/Bronze for a traditional gift or Linens/Lace for a modern take. wow! I thought this was going to be hard, then I looked at the themes for 9 years – what the freak do you get when the theme is ‘willow’??! I guess I’ll have to figure that out next year. Continue reading 8 year wedding anniversary